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Arizona City

Elementary School

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Principal Corner

Principal -Misty Huffman

Photo of Principal, Misty Huffman

Welcome to a new school year and thank you for choosing Toltec School District. I’m the proud principal of both Toltec Elementary School and Arizona City Elementary School.  It is my great pleasure to be an educational leader in the Toltec School District.  I’ve been with the Toltec School District since 2009; as a principal, instructional coach, and also a classroom teacher.  I have a great love and appreciation for working with students.  Every student in our school is unique and special. People often ask me why I work in education. “My Why” is simple…. I love and inspire people to help them see their value. I can’t wait to meet you and your family and learn about your passions and your “Why.” 

Toltec School District is focused on building relationships with families and creating a positive climate for students. As we go about our learning, we ask students and staff to keep four key words at the front of their thinking…kind, respectful, responsible, and safe. These words are pillars of our school and keep us pointed in a positive direction. 

When I am not passionately working, I’m usually at home spending time with my family. I have two beautiful daughters, who along with me, attended the Toltec School District as children. We are all Toltec alumni and I’m very proud to be an educational leader in a school where I have fond memories. This district is my home. I received my Graduate Degree in Educational leadership from Northern Arizona University in 2015.  I’m in a committed relationship with a loving spouse and have an adorable 2-year-old boy at home. Life is busy but oh so rewarding. 

If at any point you wish to meet with me, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 520-466-2450. 

Vice Principal- Nicole Hall

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