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Governing Board
Dennis Callahan, Governing Board President
Mark Lindgren, Governing Board Clerk
Tim Cason, Governing Board Member 
Johnny Flores, Governing Board Member
Pam Long, Governing Board Member 
The Toltec School Board is comprised of five members elected through a district wide vote of the people. Board Members serve four-year terms on a staggered basis. The Board members are responsible for the overall operation of the school district. The board is responsible and accountable for vision, structure, advocacy, and accountability. Specifically the board's functions lie in the following areas:

• Adopting policy.
• Planning and assessing short and long-term goals.
• Authoring and reviewing the district's Strategic Plan. 
• Acting as a liaison between the community and the district.
• Hiring and evaluating the superintendent.
• Advocating for students, the district, and public education.
• Approving a budget that reflects the priorities of the district and community through responsible use of monies. 

The Board, as your community representatives dedicated to the education of our children, values your input into the decision-making process. Please feel free to attend our regularly scheduled Board meetings. The school board generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the District Office, 3315 N. Toltec Road. Special board meetings are held when necessary and are posted in advance in accordance with the Arizona open meeting law. You can check the district calendar and agendas for further information and meeting times.

At least 24 hours before a Board meeting, a public notice and agenda are posted at each school’s administrative office and the District Office. If a holiday or unforeseen circumstance should necessitate changing the schedule, the new date and time will be included on the notice.

All Board meetings, except executive sessions, are open to the public. Under Arizona law, the Board may call an executive session to discuss personnel matters, the purchase or lease of real property, and legal matters with attorneys, among other things.

The public is invited to speak to the Board on any subject. Requests to speak to the Governing Board may be made by filling out a form, available in the Board Room prior to each meeting.

Toltec School District Policy Manual

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