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Governing Board

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Governing Board

Mark Lindgren, Governing Board President

Steve Cortright, Governing Board Clerk

Ernest Lopez, Governing Board Member

Anthony Levatino, Governing Board Member

David Richter, Governing Board Member

The Toltec School District Governing Board is composed of five members elected by the public to serve the community in either a two or four-year term, depending on the length of term chosen or open for election. Roles of the Governing Board member may vary as fitting to the needs and/or focus of the District, but many responsibilities are dictated by Arizona law which is subject to rectification during annual legislative sessions. Consequently, Governing Board policies require timely updates in alignment with changes in state law as appropriate.

Toltec School District is a member of the Arizona School Board Association and encourages incoming Governing Board members to attend New Board Member Orientation and Annual Law Conferences to receive necessary training on best practices and specific expectations of this elected office.

The Governing Board is responsible for the following (which is not considered to be all-inclusive):

  • The hire and evaluation of the District Superintendent.

  • Approval of, including revising and monitoring thereof, the District budget.

  • Approving curriculum in alignment with state standards.

  • Adoption of the school calendar.

  • Approve salaries and purchases.

  • Approve personnel changes as recommended by the District Superintendent.

  • Assessing operational effectiveness as a Governing Board unit.

Mandatory duties of Governing Boards are defined in A.R.S. §15-341. Discretionary powers are defined in A.R.S. §15-342.

The District Governing Board, as elected community officials, are dedicated to the education of our children and values your input. Regularly scheduled Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the District Office located at 4050 W. Tonto Road, Eloy, Arizona. Additional Board meetings are scheduled when necessary.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.02, public notice is provided at least 24 hours in advance of every scheduled Board meeting. Meeting agendas are posted at the District Office, Arizona City Elementary School, Toltec Elementary School, and online via

Utilizing, employees and members of the general public can access past and current meeting agendas and Governing Board policies.

Excluding scheduled executive sessions, District Governing Board meetings are open to the public. Pursuant to governing policy BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings, The Board invites the viewpoints of citizens throughout the District, and considers the responsible presentation of these viewpoints vital to the efficient operation of the District. The Board also recognizes its responsibility for the proper governance of the schools and therefore the need to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner. The established procedures for input from citizens of the District is defined in the policy, including the requirement to complete BEDH-E Public Participation At Board Meetings Request To Address Board and turn in to the Superintendent prior to the scheduled start time. It is best practice to provide input specific to action items on the agenda, since the Governing Board cannot address any issue that is not already scheduled to be voted upon.

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