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TSD District Wellness Policy Highlights


 The Toltec School District is committed to the health and safety of all of its students. The Governing Board recently approved TSD’s revised Wellness policy. You can read the policy in it’s entirety on the district website at www.toltecsd.org. Below are some key highlights from the policy that need to be kept in consideration for the 2016-2017 school year:

 §   Students will be allowed at least 10 minutes to eat breakfast and at least 20 minutes to eat lunch, counting from the time they have received their meal and are seated. Students are served lunch at a reasonable and appropriate time of day.

§   Lunch will follow the recess period to better support learning and healthy eating.

§   The District is committed to ensuring that all foods and beverages available to students on the school campus* during the school day* support healthy eating. The foods and beverages sold and served outside of the school meal programs will meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards, at a minimum. Smart Snacks aim to improve student health and well-being, increase consumption of healthful foods during the school day, and create an environment that reinforces the development of healthy eating habits. A summary of the standards and information are available at: http://www.fns.usda.gov/healthierschoolday/tools-schools-smart-snacks. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides a set of tools to assist with implementation of Smart Snacks available at www.healthiergeneration.org/smartsnacks.

§   Rewards and incentives. Teachers and other relevant school staff will review a list of alternative ways to reward children. Foods and beverages will not be used as a reward, or withheld as punishment for any reason, such as for performance or behavior.


Physical Activity

Children and adolescents should participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day.   A substantial percentage of students’ physical activity can be provided through a comprehensive, school-based physical activity program (CSPAP) that includes these components: physical education, recess, classroom-based physical activity, walk and bicycle to school, and out-of-school time activities and the district is committed to providing these opportunities.

Schools will ensure that these varied opportunities are in addition to, and not as a substitute for, physical education (addressed in “Physical Education” subsection).

All schools in the district will be encouraged to participate in Let’s Move! Active Schools (www.letsmoveschools.org) in order to successfully address all CSPAP areas.

Physical activity during the school day (including but not limited to recess, physical activity breaks, or physical education) will not be withheld as punishment for any reason.

This does not include participation on sports teams that have specific academic requirements. The district will provide teachers and other school staff with a list of ideas for alternative ways to discipline students.

Rewards and incentives. The District will provide teachers and other relevant school staff a list of alternative ways to reward children. Foods and beverages will not be used as a reward, or withheld as punishment for any reason, such as for performance or behavior.



All foods offered on the school campus will meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards including through:

1.      Celebrations and parties. The district will provide a list of healthy party ideas to parents and teachers, including non-food celebration ideas. Healthy party ideas from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and from the USDA

2.      Classroom snacks brought by parents. The District will provide to parents a list of foods and beverages that meet Smart Snacks nutrition standards; and https://www.healthiergeneration.org/live_healthier/eat_healthier/alliance_product_navigator/browse_products/?product_category_id=722


We are excited to take our school community’s health and wellness to the next level!

Yours in wellness,

Toltec School District

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