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January Ace, and January Kids at Hope

ACE of the Month: Jodie Goins

Jodie is the teacher of our youngest self-contained class.  She deals with some big challenges daily, but does so with joy!   

She loves her students and does so much more than just teach them.  

Jodie is amazing! 

Jodie is always positive, always encouraging, and always optimistic.  

She works hard and never gives up.  

We are so grateful to have her as a part of our ACES family.  

Kid at Hope- Aiden Canales

Aiden is very helpful.  Any time a student needs help, he is there to bring a solution.  He tries his best to listen and help the teacher as well.  Aiden is friendly and always tries to make other students laugh when he knows they are sad.  Aiden tries to be a leader and help correct any mistakes made.  He shows enthusiasm in anything he is learning.  

Kid at Hope- Kaylee Lindgren (pictured with her Father, Mark Lindgren) 

Kaylee is an exceptional student.  She is honest, trustworthy, hard-working, and an excellent example to others.  Kaylee is always well behaved and polite.  She goes out of her way to help others, both students and staff.  She is a student we know we can count on.  Kaylee maintains good grades while also participating in sports and other school activities.  We are so proud of Kaylee!  

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