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October Ace of the Month and Kids at Hope are Honored at October School Board Meeting

Our October ACE of the month, and Kids at Hope were honored at the October 19th school board meeting.  They are pictured here with our principal, Beth Pulver. 

Our October Ace of the month is Damaris Sites.

Here is what Damaris's teammates had to say about her....

  • She goes out of her way for staff and students.
  • She is a great help in the classroom with academics and behavior.
  • She is always ready to help with a smile, if you need a hug she has one of those too.
  • She is always ready and willing to help wherever needed.
  • If she sees something that needs to be done she does it with a smile.
  • She has made the bus duty her own, She makes sure that the students get taken care of.
  • She always has a smile.
  • No matter what you need she will do it with a smile.
  • She is hard working, dependable and has a great attitude! 

Our October Kids at Hope are Aliceson Alcantar and Kiyara Lacy.
 Kiyara Lacy:

Sixth grader Kiyara Lacy has distinguished herself by being a super reader. Amazingly, she makes consistent good use of her after-lunch waiting time by reading. No one else has captured those fly-away moments the way she has.  Kiyara is an excellent role model for other students.  She is an excellent role model and helps out when needed. She is responsible both academically and socially. She is a superstar ! Congratulations! 


Aliceson Alcantar:

      Aliceson is an amazing example of a Kid at Hope. She is always thinking of others before herself. During class she is the first one to notice if another student is having trouble finding a page in their reading book. Aliceson is aware of other students that may struggle with organization, she is out of her seat and to the rescue when another student in her group cannot locate their whiteboard marker and she finds it for them in no time! Aliceson is not only a helper to her peers but also of great assistance to the teacher and staff. She is there to hold a door for a teacher walking by with a handful of papers and she also asks her own teacher on a daily basis if there is anything extra she can do to help out. This award is well deserved Aliceson! Congratulations!

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