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August Ace, and August Kids at Hope


 Our August Ace of the Month is Thomas Paredes, middle school Math.

He is always so positive and ready to help when needed.

Mr. Paredes has suffered through a hot classroom with no complaints.

He is dedicated to his students’ learning.  He cares about his students.  

He walks through the halls with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

He takes extra personal time to make his room look extra nice for his students.

The Meme King keeps us entertained and positive with funny memes.

He’s kind and charismatic, always happy, and ½ of the dynamic duo. 

He’s a great team player!

He is patient with his students.  He kindly takes time to help them understand.

He helps his peers understand math.  That’s not always easy!! 

 August Student of the Month- Gabriel Orduno, 4th grade.
Oscar Orduno is a great student. He is trustworthy, responsible, positive and friendly. He quietly stays on task and when he finishes all his work he helps out other students. He is a great student of the Month.   
August Student of the Month- Trever Neely, 2nd grade (not pictured).  
Trever has many obstacles to overcome every day to come to school. He did very well when coming to my class in the afternoon last year and this year has started out with Trever having an excellent year.   
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