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TSD Dress Code (Revised 05/08/2018)

Revised Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code Policy – Revised 05/08/2018


Board Policy JICA-R


Rationale: The board recognizes the critical importance of its educational mission to promote academic achievement and as safe and secure environment and believes the dress code is in the best interest of the students for their learning. To assist in creating a positive educational environment, a District dress code that includes standard school clothing has been adopted.

Interpretation: All students who attend District schools must dress in a accordance with the District-adopted dress code and are expected to dress in the proper standard school attire and adhere to the grooming standards. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code and adherence to the grooming standards. Any element of grooming standards not listed will be determined on the basis of the extent to which the element distracts from or interferes with the desired learning environment. The school administration shall make the final decision as to whether or not a student’s grooming standards are appropriate.

Dress Code: The following dress code applies while on school grounds and at all school events on or off campus (including field trips) unless otherwise directed by administration.

All Clothes will:

=         Be clean and neat.

=         Be the appropriate size (not skin tight) and of not more than one (1) size too large to allow for one (1) year’s growth.

=         Not be frayed, torn or tattered, have rips, holes or shredded hems.

=         Not be see-through fabric and/or fishnet.

=         Not show undergarments.

=         Not bare the midriff and/or back.

=         Not be ‘muscle’ style shirts.

=         Not be gang related which will be determined at the discretion of the campus administration.

=         Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard as determined by the school administration.


Shirts and Blouses:

=         Will have short or long sleeves; not be tank top, halter top, camisole, or strapless; not be an undershirt.

=         Can be sleeveless but must cover the entire shoulder and underarm.

=         Be buttoned, zipped, fastened or solid to within four inches (4”) of the base of the neck.

Skirts, Skorts, Shorts, and Pants:

=         Will be pulled up and snug above the hips.

=         Will be no shorter than three inches (3”) above the knee.

=         Tights cannot be worn alone (if worn under shorts, dresses, or skirts, the shorts, dresses, or skorts must be no shorter than three inches (3”) above the knee.

=         Leggings can be worn with a top that covers the seat.


Dresses, Jumpers, and Rompers:

=         Will be buttoned, zipped, fastened or solid to within four inches (4”) of the base of the neck.

=         Will cover the shoulders or have a top under the dress that covers the shoulders and underarms.

=         Will be no shorter than three inches (3”) above the knee.

Jewelry and Piercings:

=         Will be kept to one (1) traditionally located pair of earrings on the ear lobes and hang no more than one inch (1”) below the ear lobe.

=         Will not include any piercing of any body parts other than the ears.

=         Will be kept within clothing.

=         Will not be disruptive to the academic environment.

Belts, Belt Buckles, and Other Accessories:

=         Will not be more than one (1) size larger than the waist.

=         Belts/buckles must be worn at the waist.

=         Will not be wallet chains, bandanas, or sunglasses.

=         Will not be “teeth grills.”

=         Will not be buttons, jewelry, or other accessories that contain vulgar, lewd, obscene, or plainly offensive messages, including accessories that advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, or any identified contraband, and accessories that make reference to identify gangs.

Tattoos and Body Art:

=         Will not be allowed (to include, but not limited to: permanent, temporary, ink that includes but is not limited to pen, marker, or other drawings on the skin, and henna tattoos).


=         Will be required at all times.

=         Will not include shoes/sandals with open backs (including flip-flops or slippers).

=         Will not have heels higher than one inch (1”) tall.


=         Will only be worn outside the buildings as approved by principals on a day when students may have extended periods of time outside such as field day or spirit day.


Any medically necessary exceptions to any part of the student dress code must have a medical excuse/waiver on file.

No student will be denied an education for inability to afford approved school clothing. In situations of economic need, the District will work with parents and students to resolve any family’s financial inability to purchase appropriate standard student clothing.


Students not dressed in accordance with the district dress code may be offered the use of standard school clothing for the day, and/or their parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing. Students who repeatedly fail to dress in accordance with this dress code policy may be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth in the district policy manual.

Additional items may be added to the standard school clothing during the school year as approved by the Governing Board.

The District and the School is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen clothing, articles of dress and or outerwear.

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